A seasoned californian mountain logger 


With an eye for nature's beauty


Ready to serve the community

"Over 35 years, never a disgruntle customer. Working towards your satisfaction and ours.

All work guaranteed. Call us now or call us later."

-Lumberjack Joe

(915) 494-6998

Joe Talamantes came into the area 35 years ago with nothing but 

a Stihl Chainsaw in hand, a box of tools, and an ambition to

support his family and serve the El Paso community with his

prior experience as a real lumberjack from the Sierra Nevada in California.

He now leaves behind a legacy, and a tradition of excellence within the

El Paso region. Having an impact on not just customers, but

also having taught other local tree services his trade. 

Whether it be a tree spruce up to a 24/7 emergency call, Lumberjack Joe

will be there ready to handle any situation,






 "Great service, very informative and experienced. Not just out to make money but to actually help you. Highly recommend! "

-Clarissa Gomez

 "Very knowledgeable tree guy! One of the best in El paso!"

-Josh Luce

 "I called Mr. Joe on the phone and he was quick to assist us with plain guidance. He is a true professional. Very honest."

-Julian Mora